Jacopo Gospel Quaggia (b.1982) lives and works in Milan, Italy. His artistic practice tends to merge photography and text so that one completes the other. He has been exhibiting in various group shows and he is represented in Italy by Twenty14, with whom he published the book “Incubo” in 2017. A selection of images from his series “Piano, 2014", is part of Fabbrica Borroni collection. He is currently working on a long term fictional project called "Archivio Marronier".

“Becoming an artist is a choice, one devoted to sacrifice. I feel as if now more than ever we need to reflect on the role of the artist in society. I was able to pay half of my kitchen through selling my works and the other half by working as a driver. I always ponder on the true value of my artwork. I’m not a whiner who thinks he is been ignored just because someone who is in power decided to put forward someone else instead of me. Clearly my task, for the time being, is to sit at the margins and speak only to the few. I switched from being taken care of financially to doing one of the humblest jobs out there. My job is highly dependent on the life I lead, whichever the type of life I may choose.”

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