SNUFF is visual experimentation collective, founded in 2011 by: Matteo Cremonesi and Enrico Smerilli.
With emphasis on the collapse and mixture of visual languages, the collective's activity is focused on the experimentation of new linguistic and aesthetic paths. SNUFF offers a non-linear survey on aesthetic realities.
AMERICAN/LATINA/JAPANESE LANDSCAPE is a project made up of a series of one hundred photographs obtained from photographic cuts of pornographic pictures taken from the internet. These images gather information about environments, forms, spaces and dwell on to point out features. Scenarios become objects, capable in the first place, of accentuating, from time to time, different aspects of the environments themselves and, for these, attempting a story- investigation of genre.
The physicality of space, the presence-absence of elements are captured in their spontaneous structure; attention is inarticulate by a continuous process of omission of the main subject, forced by the photographic cut to be reflected in new spaces-elements, eventually becoming the theme in which trying a “new” landscape. Due to the tension between physical presence and deferment from the materiality of things, photography turn out to be an ideal medium for an investigation compared to the complex procedural relationship that connects medium and message.

“Another lonely night” , 2015 

70x50 cm - edition of 1

“Another lonely night” , 2015

50x40 cm - edition of 1